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In July 2003 while surfing the net for homeschooling information, I stumbled into a website that had an "Ads By Google" link and a bunch of text links under it. Out of curiosity, I followed the link to Google and discovered a new way to monetize my websites faster and better than affiliate links! My internet revenue has steadily increased over the last three years because of "Ads By Google" or now prominently known as "Google Adsense"!  It's a goldmine!

Bing Howard,

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Google Adsense Secrets Seminar and eBookGoogle AdSense Secrets -  Joel Comm's Google AdSense Secrets Ebook Has Been Read By More People Than Any Other Ebook On The Topic.  That's Thousands Of People Who Have Experienced A DRAMATIC INCREASE In Their AdSense Income! Now you can capture more of Joel's insightful teachings in a Limited Edition Two-Hour Course titled Uncovering the Secrets of Google AdSense. This special seminar kit features Joel Comm (Dr. AdSense) as he is grilled by Internet Marketing Expert, Rick Butts (of Blog and Ping fame!) Including TWO CD-Roms with 2 hours of incredible content and a binder featuring a COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT of the course, this set is a MUST-HAVE for any serious AdSense student seeking to increase their income!

Make More Money with AdSense!

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If you've been struggling trying to make a decent amount of money from AdSense you know how difficult it can be. Well I've just come across a site by a British marketer who's earning a staggering $19,156 per month just using AdSense.

And no - he doesn't have thousands of sites, he's got a handful and says it's all down to the his secret AdSense Blueprint. In fact, he started out just earning a couple of dollars a day like the rest of us but now he's making over $600!

Visit the site right now and you can watch the videos that show you how he does it.

Here is a list of 31 other e-Books about Google Adsense:

(For 30 e-Books about Google Adwords, click here)

  1. The Definitive Guide To Google AdSense.
    43 Chapters, 101 pages+ of AdSense Insider Secrets with in-built $30 a time affiliate program.

  2. AdSensePages - 300 AdSense Websites!
    300 Instantly Downloadable AdSense Ready Websites!

  3. AdsenseReady - 150 AdSense Web Sites.
    Instantly build your own Google AdSense Empire with 150 Content Web Sites.

  4. Asap Downloads - Easy CB Money!
    Leverage the power of CB, Rss, and AdSense. All Cb affiliates need this!

  5. AdSense Gold-Your Fast Track To Profits.
    Triple your Ctr, skyrocket your Epc, track your clicks by search engine, referrer and more! Learn how to join the AdSense Elite.

  6. AdSense Cash.
    Many affiliates make more than $3,000 a day selling Adsense Cash. Make thousands placing ads part-time! Start selling it now!

  7. CB Adwords & Adsense.
    Making all webmasters to switch from google adsense.

  8. Cbprosense - CB Data Feeds.
    Adsense like content relevant CB datafeeds. Turn your pags into instant commission collectors, automatically.

  9. AdSense PowerPack - The AdSense Business.
    The Complete AdSense Business inc web site.

  10. Build Your Own Adsense Business!
    Create A Massive Auto-Pilot Income With The Google Adsense Program Starting Now! Great Niche!

  11. Data Entry Ads Online - Join The Best!
    No Affiliate Links/Adsense ads - Amazing 10-30% Conversion Ratio + $45.72 Per Sale = Super Rich Affiliates! Earn $1000+ Daily!

  12. Google Adsense Keywords. Earn $1000/day.
    Boostup Your Adsense Revenue by Highest Paying Keywords ! Affiliates Earn $30+ Per Sale.

  13. Building Your Own Adsense Empire.
    A Guide to Google Adsense Profits. How You can Make a Fortune Online with Google Adsense!

  14. Free Google Adsense Web Sites
    Make money with a Free google adsense website! Huge Content Web Sites! Get one Today! Totally Free Just get hosting Gaga.

  15. 2006 Update Anyone Can Make Cash Online.
    The Best Adsense Money Making Idea Of The Year! We Hide Your Affiliate Id! No Commision Stealing!

  16. Top Google Adsense Keywords.
    Top paying Adsense keywords - maximise your adsense income.

  17. Google Adsense Secrets - Second Edition.
    Incredible Google Adsense secrets revealed by Pro who earns over $500/day - Breakthrough best-selling eBook - Instant download!

  18. Secretos De AdSense De Google.
    Secretos ocultos de AdSense son revelados por un profesional cuyas ganancias de AdSense superan $500 al da.

  19. Powerful Keyword Toolkit.
    Discover The Ultimate Secret Weapon For Google AdSense.

  20. Keyword Explosion.
    2.1 Million database of high paying AdSense keywords!

  21. The Adsense Jerk - I'm Rich !
    The Adsense Jerk, Totally loaded by using a 7 day Google Adsense System!

  22. Highest Paying Adsense Keywords.
    Why settle for pennies when you could make over $50.00 per click with certain keywords!

  23. Make More Money With Google Adsense.
    The guide to increasing your Adsense Income with Url Filtering.

  24. Google AdSense Money Machine.
    Tutorial on how to make thousands of dollars using Google AdSense tool.

  25. CbadsGenie - Earn $ With CB!
    Earn money on autopilot! Rotate targeted Adsense -style CB ads on your website and earn up to 75% per sale!

  26. Maximize AdSense Revenue.
    5- 10 times increase revenue in next 90 days in AdSense.

  27. Top Paying Keywords.
    The biggest and best paying keyword list +44000 words to maximize profits from google adsense.

  28. Shrub Software.
    As:e uses the eBay® Api to deliver ads similar to Adsense or develop your own custom solution using eBay® data. 50% commission.

  29. Quick Page Generator.
    Turn Any Text Files Into Hundreds Of Highly Optimized And Organized Web Pages With AdSense Ads & Opt-In Email Form in Seconds.

  30. The Lazy Pig - Convert $1 To $85.
    Undisclosed Revolutionary 7 Step Adsense Marketing System. Convert $1 to $85 In Just 45 Days!

    Quadruple Google AdSense revenues overnight with our database of the 15,000 most expensive search keywords. Huge Conversions!

Here is a list of 30 e-Books about Google Adwords:

  1. Google AdWords 123.
    Proof Of How You Can Earn $1,758 a Day Working From Home! New 2005 Edition!

  2. Ad Word Optimizer Suite.
    Optimize and automate your adwords campaigns, no more time wasting - let your competitors do that!

  3. Ad Word Generator.
    Brand New Software that Instantly Creates Profitable Google Adwords!

  4. Adwords Anywhere.
    AdwordsAnywhere is a web service that allows users to view country-targeted Google Adwords Ads from outside the targeted country.

  5. Brand New Adwords Software!
    Become A Super Affiliate Overnight! Software Finds Most Profitable Search Terms And Products For You!

  6. - 75% Yours!
    Highest Converting Survey Site Online - 75% for Affiliates - Great for Adwords Earnings!

  7. Google Adwords Secrets Revealed.
    The Secret Fundamentals Of Google Adwords. Shoot Your Ad To The Top Of The List, Reduce Cost, And Earn Thousands In The Process!

  8. Beating Adwords - Get Rich Online!
    Affiliates converting at 1:20, High Commissions and Less Than 1% Refund Rate. You Can Easily Make $500+ per Day.

  9. Campaign Blasts.
    Learn the Newest Google Adwords Strategies - Basic to Advanced Methods - Discover the True Potential We Have Before Us.

  10. CB Adwords & Adsense.
    Making all webmasters to switch from google adsense.

  11. Best Seller ImakeCa$h eBook Package!
    Make Massive Profits! Best Selling eBook Package - Affiliates Make $15.79 / 60% Per Sale Plus $50 Free Google Adwords Credit!

  12. The Book Of Beef & 1000 Atkins Recipes!
    1250 Juicy, Beef Recipes in 5 Downloadable Cookbooks! Get 7 Free Bonus Books! (Adwords Friendly)

  13. Cpc Secrets.
    New Adwords Book - Get $33 Per Sale!

  14. Google Cash.
    Official Google Cash How to Earn Thousands Writing Google AdWords Part-Time updated w/ 24 videos. $30.49/sale.

  15. Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers.
    Interview Guide that converts like crazy! - #1 in Two (2) Cb categories! Lots of adwords possibilites.

  16. Dog Health Exposed.
    New long-copy salespage * Cheap Adwords bids

  17. Kissing 101: Your Essential Guide.
    New Site: Lots of surfers search for kissing tips, not many competitors in adwords! Check it out!

  18. Your License To Print Money System!
    Combine CB & AdWords for guaranteed income.

  19. - Huge Payouts!
    Make $18,659 a Month on Google Adwords! (Tip: Promote on Adwords using conversion tracking! Huge $ Niche!

  20. Get Control Of Your Child's Adhd!
    Huge potential market. No adwords competition. High Conversion and Payout for Affiliates. 60% per sale.

  21. The Ultimate Guide.
    Make Money Online with e-books, internet marketing, and Google Adwords.

  22. Page Zero - Enlightened Search Marketing.
    Google AdWords and paid search campaign management consulting & eBooks.

  23. Niche Keyword Analyzer Pro.
    Keyword analyzer analyzes niche keyword supply, demand, adwords. Ideal for search engine optimization and market research.

  24. Get Targeted Traffic With Google Adwords.
    Information products for Internet Marketers.

  25. Google Adwords Insiders Guide.
    Amazing Secrets of Google Adwords Revealed. Good Conversion Rate.

  26. Sales Comebacks And Rebuttals.
    Massive 2.8% conversion rate on Google Adwords! - New: Now pays you $16.61 per sale!

  27. Earn Thousands With Google Adwords.

  28. Mastering Google AdWords.
    Optimization of Google AdWords Campaigns.

  29. The E-Cookbooks Library.
    Thousands of world class recipes in the form of eBooks. Bigger commissions - Perfect for AdWords.

  30. XoftSpy - New Anti-Spyware Technology.
    Top Xoftspy Affiliates Earn $3,000 Per Day Through Google Adwords & Overture. High Conversion Rates!

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