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PC Repair and Maintenance Tools That Every Webmaster Should Have!

by Bing Howard

Have you ever had days where all you did was figure out what was going on in your PC? Or is it just me who had PC fever and blues?

Life is supposed to be easier with technology. PC is supposed to simplify tasks like emailing, word processing, and bank statement balancing. Then why is it that lately, I am spending more time removing spyware and viruses from my computer more than I am reading email?

Unscrupulous people have figured out a way to invade our privacy in the comfort of our own homes! The simplest task of emailing has become a doorway for malicious spyware and viruses into our home computers!

For a long time, I refused to purchase any PC maintenance tools because I was confident that Microsoft and the computer vendors that sold my laptop and desktop knew what they were doing! They must have bullet-proof security already in place!

I was wrong! This mistake of being naive and being such a cheapskate cost me many hours of re-formatting my hard drives and re-installing programs. Not to mention many important data lost!  Now, multiply that with the total number of computers you have at home, we have three desktops and two laptops!

I know I am not alone! I know of relatives, neighbors, and friends whose PCs were infected by dreadful PC viruses and also infested with pop-ups, adware, and spyware! Some of us had to take our PCs to Best Buy's Geek Squad, Circuit City,  or CompUSA for expensive PC diagnostic and repair services. Other probably have tried calling some unknown "Dr. PC" and pay some $/hour over the phone to find out what could be the problem!

I finally  invested money in life-saving, PC-saving  tools! I have peace of mind now and I am not as alarmed when CNN news flashes some alert about some virus attacking PCs all over the world! I have compared and used several software and determined that these tools work best for me in maintaining my PCs:

For Windows Registry Errors: My Operating System in all my PCs are Windows XP Pro or XP Home. My PC slows down after running, installing, and uninstalling programs. Things change in the Windows Registry affecting its integrity, as a result, my PC slows down. I use Registry Mechanic, Error Nuker, and Registry Fix. Why three software? I discovered that one may not be able to pick up some errors, the others do! These software automatically scans and repairs the errors for me!

Disk-Drive Defragmentation: My hard-drive becomes so fragmented because of loose files after running, installing, and uninstalling programs. I use Diskeeper to compact and defragment my drives. I am able to set specific times while I am asleep at night for my PC to automatically run this task.

Virus Protection: Those pesky "Netskys",  worms, viruses, trojans - new variations are born everyday! Why in the world would someone waste his/her time creating something that would destroy people's PCs and cost millions or billions of dollars to companies and people? Anyway, I have used  Norton AntiVirus and McAfee Viruscan.  I couldn't have both installed in the same PC due to incompatibilities. Between the two, I prefer McAfee Viruscan for user-friendliness. Regardless of brand, it is important to have an anti-virus program in your PC. If you don't, It will be similar to refusing a life-saving cure for cancer. PC viruses are a cancer to our society!

Here are other PC Tools to help protect and maintain your PC. Please select a category to show a list of available products:

Windows Registry Fix: Tools that repair your Windows Registry Errors

  1. Error Nuker
    Let Error Nuker, your amazing FREE PC Diagnostics tool, identify the precise problems in your Windows registry so you can determine exactly what your PC is suffering from. Even if your PC is perfectly fine, you should try the diagnostics tool if you want to avoid serious problems before they happen. Best of all you can keep the tool and find out if your PC has problems for FREE as often as you like.

  2. Fix Registry Error
    Extremely Effective Registry Cleaner designed to fix Windows Errors, Registry Inconsistencies, invalid shortcuts and enhance performance of your PC, Instantly Fix registry errors.

  3. My Registry Cleaner
    MyRegistryCleaner will make your system more stable, run quicker, and your operating system will boot faster. Registry problems can occur for many reasons, including references left behind after uninstallation; incorrect removal of software; missing or corrupt hardware drivers; or orphaned start-up programs.

  4. PC Optimizer Pro
    Keeping a PC clean isn't easy with all of the different types of hardware, software and drivers available, so it's hard to say if your PC is clean without first analyzing your system's registry. Many find this an arduous and confusing task which is why more than 100,000 people each week turn to PC Optimizer Pro to keep their PC clean of registry problems or potential issues.

  5. Reg Fix Mantra
    Extremely effective Registry Cleaner designed to fix Windows Registry Errors, remove all registry inconsistencies and enhance performance of your PC. Eliminates all windows registry errors, hence optimizing your PC.

  6. Registry Cleaner
    Registry Cleaner uses a high-performance detection algorithm to quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. These problems can occur for many reasons including being left-behind after the un-installation or incorrect removal of software, by missing or corrupt hardware drivers, or orphaned startup programs.

  7. Registry Cleaner 32
    Scan and Repair errors in your System Registry! Here are a some advance scanning features available with Registry Cleaner32: Ensures system stability, configuration and performance is optimal. Removes unused internet explorer plug-ins, to ensure a faster internet experience. Frees up hard disk space and boosts system performance by removing device drivers that are no longer in use. Removes unnecessary programs being loaded at startup to allow for faster system booting.

  8. Registry Fix
    Registry Fix can Restore & Clean Up Windows Registry Files, Repair DLL Error Messages and Fix General Protection Fault Errors. Does your PC crash, is your system running slow or are you receiving regular error messages? This program will scan your system registry and hard drive for invalid dll file and system references for free. These invalid references cause system instability, PC errors, constant crashes, and general system slowdowns.

  9. Registry Sweeper Pro
    Backup and Restore your system registry and restore it back in case of System Failure. Clean the registry and make then efficient again, and your computer will be faster and more stable. Removes unnecessary programs being loaded at startup to allow for faster system booting.

  10. RegistryToolKit
    Eliminate all errors by cleaning up the clutter in your computers central brain: The System Registry It is the safest and easiest way to improve your PC's performance. Your Computer keeps crashing? Receiving weird error messages? We offer a quick solution to most system errors and increase the performance of your computer in the same time.

  11. Repair Registry
    Does your PC keep messing up on you, causing wierd errors that keep popping up on your computer? Has it ever crashed for no apparent reason? If so, your computer may have a registry problem that can lead to serious havoc to your system if you don't repair it soon! Let us scan your PC Absolutely FREE to see what these problems are and fix them before it's too late!

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