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Web Building Tools - Four (4) Web Design Software You Cannot Afford Not To Have!

by Bing Howard

After more than five years of hit and miss and wasting a lot of money on useless webmaster tools, I finally narrowed down my list to four (4) inexpensive but reliable and powerful webmaster tools! They are worth every penny I paid and saved me many, many hours of frustration and time. I am giving you my secrets! I hope you will listen. Why am I telling you this? I want to help you, especially work-at-home Moms, get started right! I wish someone had told me these things five years ago!

If you are a new webmaster and would like to start an internet business for the long term, don't waist your time experimenting with free or cheap tools, you need to invest some money now and get quality results. Do it right the first time!

If you are a veteran webmaster, good for you, like myself, you probably have a lot of good and bad experience to share. However, don't you have  projects you want to do over again and don't you want to do it right this time?

Four (4) software you must have:

  • XSitePro - The most awesome WYSIWYG Web Builder! Website creation does not take me days any more!   For three years, I put on hold reconstructing my first website because I dreaded the task of redoing each page manually with html codes. I searched for the best website creator for many months! A year ago, I stumbled into a review site written by a happy XSitePro user. The way I look at web building changed! I am able to build any site in less than half the time it used to take me! I now have a website factory churning multiple sites  in just a short period of time! It cost me $197.
  • Article Miner - makes it soooo easy to find free content.  Looking for articles on any subject?  Retrieve articles on any topic and convert them to web pages in minutes right in your desktop! It cost me $97.
  • Alias Find and Replace  - for easier content search, edit, and management. Have you ever wanted to change parts of web pages but could't do it because you would have to do each page manually? You do not have to fear this task anymore, get this software and make changes to your files in minutes! It cost me $19.95.
  • The Logo Creator - create your own quality logos in minutes. I used to hire different people to create banners and logos for my sites. Most of them I bought for cheap on eBay . However, by the time I totalled the fees I paid to different folks, I had already paid more than $200! The Logo Creator only cost me $29.95! 

Let's count the cost! $197 + $97 + $19.95 + $29.95= $343.90!  That is a small investment! And it's tax-deductible!

The real cost of not having these tools are your valuable time and missed revenue opportunities!

I paid more than that to someone to fix only one website! If I had these tools to begin with, I would not have errors in my codes and web pages! My site would have been functioning properly and visitors would have been clicking on ads and making purchases though affiliate links!

These tools are yours permanently and you will use them over and over again so don't be cheap! If you are serious about web building and expanding your internet business, these are tools you cannot afford not to have!

Treat your internet business as if you would treat a franchise or any other business and you will reap great returns!

By the way, the creators of the above tools each offer an affiliate program. So if you click and purchase the software through the above links, I will get credit for the order you place. Thank you!  However, I want to clarify that their affiliate programs are not the motivation  why I created this web page. You can buy the sofware directly from them or though other affiliates if you prefer to do so.

I am 100% convinced that the above tools have helped me in growing my internet business, you should consider investing in them as well.

But then again, if you are absolutely positive that you cannot afford buying your own tools, visit the following websites for their Free Scripts.

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brown-arrow-06_R Recommended Search Engine Submitter:  Submit Equalizer -  With Submit Equalizer in your arsenal of promotion tools you save  hours of time to quickly and easily get links and traffic to your websites.  You won't have to stay up all night anymore... struggling to get incoming links every time you launch a new site.  Just fill-in a few blanks and let your copy go to work!

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