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by Bing Howard

Pros and Cons of Free Web Space: When I began building websites in 2000, I started with a free web space. For two months, this web space my practice pad to learn html codes and web design. It also came with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) site builder with instant web templates. All I needed to do was cut and paste content. My only problem was it came with ads that were not appropriate for a Christian site. So once I was confident enough that I can build a site from scratch, I purchased my first ad-free web hosting - and it was a steep $400 per year plus a set-up fee! Ouch!

Affordable Paid Web Hosting: I am glad those days are over! Many web hosting companies have sprouted in the cyber world making the prices more competetive!  I have had more than 20 web hosts for the last five years! I  have tried just about every host on eBay, from cheap dollar hosting that kept crashing, to decent web hosts from $20 - $150 per year!

My Web Hosts: Currently, I pay $29/per month for a Reseller Account from I don't remember how I found them, it must be through Commission Junction.  For my second web host, I pay $19.95/month for a Reseller Account from (an eBay seller).  Out of the two, has less downtimes. A Reseller Account allows me to sell web space to anyone. However, I do not re-sell web space. I only use both reseller accounts for my own websites. I like the WHM (Web Host Manager) where I am able to create web hosting accounts for unlimited sites. For the price I pay with the number of sites I own, I am pretty happy with both web hosts. Their features and price beat my former $400/year web host!

Cpanel, Plesk, or Ensim: Both of my web hosts have CPanel. I prefer CPanel over other types because of ease of use and useful file management features. When server crashes, I am able to restore from back-ups easily. I am not an expert on types of servers and controI panels, however, I have tried Plesk and  Ensim.

Safeguarding Data:  I split my domains between two web hosts so I don't lose all my eggs. Placing all your eggs in one basket is not practical.  I use the Back-Up Utility on the control panel regularly and save my back-up files in an external hard drive. From my experience, you cannot back-up enough! I got mad at myself countless times for not taking that preventive measure and lost data! Rebuilding a website is a headache and it also costs time and potential revenue! So back-up, back-up, back-up!

Windows or Unix Servers: I have hosted on Windows-based servers but did not like it much. I guess I just never figured it out. I find that Cpanels are on Linux/Unix Servers and to me, they seem to be more user-friendly and are compatible with many web building scripts.

Cost of Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting: I prefer shared hosting because it costs less. However, occassionally, I run into problems when servers crash because of overload caused by multiple accounts. With dedicated hosting, you are in better control! Anyway, you get what you pay for. For beginners, I recommend shared hosting, it won't hurt your pocket as much! Or if you are just practicing, then sign-up for a free web space account.

SHOP FOR A WEB HOST:  Now that I've given my thoughts, it boils down to one question. What is your tolerance level for losing data, time, and money? Again, you get what you pay for. If you are in it for fun and learning, and hope to make a few extra dollars here and there, then go cheap. Here are some inexpensive web hosting services and products:

  • 1WebSitesHostingPromotions.Com.
    Full Featured Banner Free Quality WebHosting $10/year. 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee & Free trial. Domain Registration $9.75 only.

  • Free Google Adsense Web Sites
    Make money with a Free google adsense website! Huge Content Web Sites! Get one Today! Totally Free Just get hosting Gaga.

  • Saving Hosting.
    1 Web Hosting, Reliable & Affordable, Saving on Hosting! Referral Welcomed! Fast, High Conversion Rate for Sales!

  • Work At Home Hosting.
    Earn $15 per sale! Work at Home Hosting and Web Site Building with Reciprocal Links Manager. No Need to Know Html!

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